Community Projects

To Date, we have raised and donated OVER $201,000 to the Cumberland Valley Breast Care Alliance!!

How We Got Started

Back in 1999 a friend of mine brought me a book written by David Longaberger of Longaberger Basket fame. He stressed in his book over and over that if you want your business to be blessed you need to be giving back. He recommend making a continual effort of giving back to your community. While we always gave where we could we had nothing we could say was what I really call giving back. That’s when we started to look for a project. Shortly after that my mother found out she had a lump that was bleeding. She had a mammogram two months prior that didn’t show anything.

our Bugs spread awareness

We found our project!

This gave us the desire to get the message out there about early detection and breast cancer awareness in general. Along with the awareness message we decided to raise money to help local women. We have done many projects since 1999. Some include Bingos, Concerts, Cook books, Car washes, etc. Our hope is also that other businesses will see our efforts and try and join in the give back message. We encourage you to encourage businesses you deal with to join in. There are tons of charities out there that need help, If every business would do what we have done, just think how much difference that could make to our community.

The Pink Insurance People!

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